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Nassault, b. 2020,

Based in Lünen, Germany


Nassault is the product of over 10 years producing high quality cinematic gaming content, video game trailers, composite short films and music video production all with one goal in mind - to move and transport the viewers.

Nassault has also collaborated with other talented creators an in the past, such as 3D Artist 'Rareden',  Astrophysicist Scott Manley and photographer Stephen Berkman. Nassault is owned and operated by Nicholas Gillin, a Film Alumni from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. 


This is so sweet, and I really love how much you've refined video game filmmaking to an art form, one you keep pushing above and beyond constantly. - Superjoeyman

Amazing work. I don’t use the word ‘Inspirational’ lightly, but your work has the power to have such a lasting emotional effect on an audience. Never stop doing this Nassault. - Cameron Mcclintock

Watching Nassault videos is the 21st century version of staring into a dying fire until dawn. - Nicholas Babusis


My goodness Nassault you've outdone yourself yet again. I love and whole heartedly enjoy every single video you produce. Fantastic little shorts that give a quick story with humor and phenomenal passion. Keep it up!!! - Niki Seps

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